Making a Mighty Mini-Mi: The Joy of Mentoring

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. —Isaac Newton Last time we explored the wonders of the prefrontal cortex, the thing that makes us...well, us. This time we shall talk of mentoring, the art and science of sharing with others all that...

Know Your Brain: The Prefrontal Cortex

Last time we discussed the value of practice, and how dangerous practice is if not paired with feedback. Today, I would like to introduce you to the first in a series of articles titled “Know Your Brain.” Each article will discuss a brain area, neurochemical, or other valuable brain concept.

The Definition of Insanity: Why Practice Alone is a Recipe for Disaster

When it comes to building our skills, feedback is not the first tool most people consider. In my workshops, whenever I ask what it takes to get better at something, the first thing I hear is, “Practice!”

Change a Little, Gain a Lot: The Transformative Power of Feedback

Last week we talked about attacking problems rather than people. This week we return to one of our favorite topics: the gift of feedback. This post is adapted from the introduction to our book “Where’s the Gift? Using Feedback to Work Smarter, Learn Faster and Avoid Disaster.”

You Don’t Know Me! Attacking Problems, Not People

Are you happier this week than you were last week? If you read our previous post, I hope the answer is yes! Today is about how to influence others by striking at problems rather than people.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things! The Neuroscience of Happiness

This week’s article is adapted from our book Why the Rhino Scatters his S#!T: Expanding Your Fun, Fulfillment, and Impact at Work.

The Curse of Criticism: Why Feedback Hurts, Even When We Want It

Last week, we set the stage for the New Year with a discussion about goal setting and how to make goals actually work. This week, we will address a topic near and dear to my heart: the neuroscience behind why feedback conversations are so difficult.

Setting Goals that Work: How to Beat the Lazy Brain

Given our love of setting New Year’s goals that are then thrown away faster than an ugly Christmas sweater, today, we will talk about settings goals that work.

It’s How We’ve Always Done It: Why We Love What We’ve Already Got

Last week, we talked about the genius of that “damned fool” Abraham Lincoln. This week addresses one of the greatest philosophical questions of our modern age: Coke or Pepsi. (The following is adapted from our book Why the Rhino Scatters his S#!T: Expanding Your Fun, Fulfillment, and Impact at Work.)

The Damned Fool: Abraham Lincoln and the Art of Receiving Feedback

Last week, your humble author discussed what a cheap anti-tipping foreign weirdo he is, and the value of meeting others’ unspoken needs—at work and at home. Today is about, and I quote, the “damned fool” Abraham Lincoln.




below are a few of our most popular speaking and coaching topics. If you are looking for something tailored to your unique needs, drop us a line.


An individual’s immediate leader will have more of an impact on that person’s performance than anyone else at the company.

We show leaders how to inspire people to achieve superior results in the current year, while building their capacity to achieve even greater results in future years.

We focus on the day-to-day and formal conversations that leaders have with their people, including giving feedback, goal setting, year-end reviews, coaching, and career conversations.


Conflict is a two-edged sword. It can foster creativity and improve results or it can undermine relationships and threaten productivity.

We put the learning back into conversations and help your people turn difficult discussions into a vehicle for personal growth and improved teamwork.

We provide additional resources to address conversations individuals have with their leaders, such as year-end-reviews and receiving candid feedback.

personal & career management

At Step Change Learning we believe each employee is their own one-person company. To take their career in the best direction, they must become their own CEO, COO, R&D team, and HR leader.

We show your people how to take charge of their own careers in a way that improves results for the organization, and leads to greater engagement and happiness for the individual.

We also teach people how to boost their resilience and self-awareness, improve learning agility, and have a greater impact on their team and the organization.

mentoring others

Mentors can have an enormous impact on the speed with which mentees learn new skills and become integrated within the organization. Researchers have spent decades studying this process, and we have distilled their conclusions and applied them to the art and science of effectively transferring knowledge.

We teach both mentors and mentees the neuroscience behind memory formation and the factors that promote learning, allowing them to learn more effectively from each other.

customer service

Customer service can be one of the most rewarding, and challenging, responsibilities in any company.

Our training will show participants how to achieve a Step Change in customer satisfaction, while also finding greater personal satisfaction.

No single service strategy works for every customer every time, so we equip participants with a variety of tactics tailored to meet the needs of your industry and customers.

compelling presentations

Preparation is critical to an effective presentation. We help participants master our proven process for crafting stories, questions, and activities that will be engaging and impactful.

We draw from the latest research and from our extensive experience to show individuals how to engage the audience and achieve the goals of the presentation.

We also provide participants with a recording of their presentations, and detailed written feedback to support continuous improvement.

HAPPY participants


Here are a few of the hundreds of testimonials we have received over the years.



One of few courses that said stuff beyond just common sense. Michael-John applies real-life experiences to the concepts. This is the best class I've ever taken.



It is very rare and motivating to witness someone who performs their job so professionally and with so much enthusiasm and passion. He was engaging, a great listener and lead the group with anecdotes and stories as well as examining the bullet points of the text in depth.



It provided me with the detailed guidelines on how to improve my career. It also helped me set priorities in the weaknesses that I have to work on and at the same time how to improve my strengths. The variety of exercises and participant engagement was great!



Unlike many training workshops, this provided strategies that can be developed and used daily. It was really nice to have real time polls and to hear the opinions of others. I am very impressed that MJ was able to remember everyone’s names. His passion for his work shows in his presentations.


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